How to Propose a New Member
(For Members use only)

Steps are listed below for proposing a new member to Yadkin Valley Rotary Club. Confidentiality should be observed throughout the membership process.

The Club Secretary will track progress of Proposed Members. Committee Chairman will notify the Club Secretary of each completed action. The entire process should be completed within two months.

Membership Proposal Forms are available at the Sergeant-at-Arms at weekly check-in. You can also click here for a form that can be printed on your computer by using the Print command.

  1. Fill out Membership Proposal Form and give to ??????????, Chairman, Classification Committee.
  2. Classification Committee determines appropriate Classification and forwards Membership Proposal Form to ??????????, Chairman Membership Eligibility Committee.
  3. Membership Eligibility Committee determines proposed members eligibility within one week and notifies ????????? ,Club Secretary.
  4. Yadkin Valley Rotary Club membership is discussed at the next regular Board of Directors meeting.
  5. Proposed member's name and Classification is published to Club by Club Secretary at the first regular meeting following the Board of Directors meeting.
  6. If there are no objections, the Proposed Member attends the information Session, Chaired by Past President, on the first Tuesday of the month following Club notification.
  7. Proposed Member completes acceptance form, pays $200 initiation fee, $165.00 first quarter dues and is inducted at the next regular meeting.
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