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As the wedge of death races down toward his neck, Blackbeard utters a vow of vengeance which will not be addressed until 283 years later.

Vow of Vengeance

Debut novelist and veteran criminal defense lawyer Danny T. Ferguson has brought Blackbeard back to life in the year 2002 when a DNA-certified descendant of Blackbeard, a modern-day sea rogue from North Carolina's Outer Banks, seeks to fulfill his revered patriarch's ancient Vow of Vengeance.

In his high-speed Fountain yacht, the blackbearded, drug-dealing murderer speeds north through the coastal waters of North Carolina, chased by Gunny Vernon, a retired Marine, who is desperately seeking to rescue his kidnapped daughter.

Young lawyer Grayson Forest, fresh out of JAG, is on a mission of his own. Appointed to represent a young man charged with triple murder under Virginia's brand-new fast-track death penalty law, he struggles against a stacked deck to save his client from execution.

With an innocent man strapped into the electric chair, awaiting the jolt that will end his life, the courses of Gunny, Grayson, the governor of Virginia and Blackbeard's insane relative meet in Hampton Roads harbor.

Hampton's historic Chamberlin Hotel provides the setting for a quadruple collision that will have a profound effect on the future of the American Justice system. There, and in the nearby waters, the surrogate of Satan confronts the emissary of goodness for an unforgettable coup de grace.

Vow of Vengeance is a political-legal thriller packed with nail-biting suspense and laced with swashbuckling pirate legend. The story pits love and duty against hate and greed, while conveying a sobering message about the human spirit and the preservation of justice in America.

The book was released in February 2003 as a 390-page hardcover edition.