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COMMENTARY 02062106@184313
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Peter was lying when he said he didn't care. His grandmother had been one of the last to demand the surgery, long after she'd given birth to Peter's mother: one moment she was a woman, the next she was a guardian of the neutral pronoun, an it. It now had been dead for thirty years, yet Peter often thought about it, what it must have been like to experience sexuality from both sides, he being fourteen, with the changes of puberty well upon him.

The Edmod computers monitored all adolescents carefully, of course; Peter's biochemistry and intrapsychic functioning were well within standard limits. There was something wistful about his fantasies of a grandmother he never met, though.

Then, too, there were the stories - family stories of strange events (a hundred years earlier they would have been far stranger): out of body experiences, precognitive dreams, sudden onsets of total empathy. Many of these stories centered around this grandmother, a surgically altered hermaphrodite.

Keywords: peter, stories, grandmother, well, about, years

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