GENEVA MAP 2075 AD World Geodetic Survey


GENEVA MAP 2075 AD World Geodetic Survey
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Introduction: Day 2: June 2, 2106
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Intercorp Headquarters and Council Tower.

I saw a map hanging in the air, in sharp relief. I found that by looking at different parts of Geneva (though certainly no Geneva I had known), I could bring them closer. I could see mostly parklands, with scattered trees and vast meadows, meandering pathways along the Lake, and only occasional low buildings, except for the Tower, which dominated the landscape. The map was in color, of course, and could in fact have been a hologram of the area.

Down one side was a menu of selections, including topographic depictions, resources, multispectral scan, infrared and so on. Most of these selections did not work, however.

I gave up at last and pressed the oval to break my connection with Worldnet.

Again I walked the hallways. At last I climbed that frozen escalator to the surface.

It was night outside. There were few visible lights. Fortunately the escalator was near the lock to the open air. I fled the empty street in search of the stars.

Keywords: escalator, last, selections, geneva, air, map, tower

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