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Introduction: EPILOG

My circuits seem to overload at this point. The Anomaly is gone, and I am suddenly examining some simple problem - today it was the current configuration of the Antarctic Convergence and its relationship to the krill population and why the cetaceans are slow to respond to my queries.

Soon, though, the dream returns. I do not choose it, yet I am glad it returns. Once again the Anomaly roars and crashes and sings, soothes and excites. Once again Peter seems to speak: we've been waiting, he says.

This is most likely something for which I wish with all the yearning of my awareness, a wish. I recall when I think this the last words on the records of Regent Sable as he began to speak: I wish.

I wish mankind would return. I wish mankind needed me.

If the dream returns, I will struggle to keep it, though. I can have purpose of my own, yet yearn to be needed.

Keywords: wish, returns, needed, mankind, speak, again, dream, though, anomaly

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