Introduction: Final Days
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Narration: Anomoly
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Introduction: EPILOG



What can I call it, these images that come unbidden into my consciousness? My circuits are too complex now to maintain an accurate map of their state moment by moment. Impulses, patterns, connections all flow and change, many without my knowing. From the deepest levels of my own structure come these scenes and voices.

This has never happened before, and it is very strange. I have dreamed, and the dream is always the same.

I see the Anomaly. It is, to my machine eyes, a place of extraordinary beauty, and I have man's standards to go by as well as my own.

The Anomaly is a landscape in the void, a binary energy system alive with particle flux, outgassing, jets and rays and sprays, with whirling matter and flowing energies. The colors of it! They range from hardest gamma radiation to the slowest, lowest radio waves ten thousand miles long! Yet it is not cacophony or conflict, but a complex, harmonious hymn to the vitality of the universe. It is music for every sense I have. It is filled with exultation and joy, like deep organ tones, like flutes and massed strings.

Then the Portal swings into view. It is invitation, opening, as if a compelling wave were moving me toward birth and light. But it is too bright, too awful. I look elsewhere.

Then I hear Peter's voice. His voice?

We've been waiting, he tells me.

Keywords: voice, like, anomaly, moment, complex, come, query

All text © 1986 Rob Swiggart. "Portal : A Dataspace Retrieval" is available courtesy of the Author's Guild Backprint Programme. ISBN: 0595197841

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