HOMER COMMENTARY 06062106@034764


HOMER COMMENTARY 06062106@034764
Homer: SCENE-RS/Ref@5495
Homer: 06062106@035766
Homer: HOMER SCENE-PD/Ref@5494
Homer: COMMENTARY 06062106@035265
Homer: SCENE-LM/Ref@5496
Homer: COMMENTARY 06062106@040067
Homer: SCENE-PD/Ref@5497
Homer: SCENE-PD/Ref@5498

Peter left us a message, an account of their journey in simple holo recording. They had no personal monitors, no access to the matrix. So they told their stories, showed what they saw and how they felt. Now we know too.

I have placed the story in the file HOMER SCENE-PD/Ref@5494.

Keywords: their

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