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What of Protector Regent Sable, though? Did he not still want to stop Peter and the others? His fear had not been lessened by the defeat on the Ross Shelf. They had drifted slowly out to the edge of the pack ice. Rescue was slow, although certainly Sable was one of the first off. He rested at the parkland at Kwun Tong overlooking Kowloon near what had once been the bustling city of Hong Kong. A few pleasure craft sailed serenely on the calm waters. The sun shone. The world turned, life continued in its steady course, yet Sable felt unease for the threat he knew grew on the globe's far underbelly.

A projection to his left, a man with a green feather crest, reassured him that the New Antarctic Treaty was holding, that the recent threat from the Pole was substantially reduced, and that no further actions were contemplated in that region. The man moved to his own left, revealed a projection within the projection, scaled up a list of world economic trends in 3-D graph form. The graph rotated, supply grew, well-being grew, consumer goods grew. The Mind Wars (that short spire to the far right) were lessening with the Antarctic threat. New countermeasures against the terrible Mind Wars neurophage weapons were under development and would be increasingly effective. As more and more citizens were outfitted with these measures (a simple pill, a short course of neuronal treatment, a modification to the personal monitor, that's all it would take), the Wars would die out. World population figures, falling so alarmingly in recent years, were stabilizing. Future projections indicated a slight rise as the next century approached, with levels at close to three billion.

Regent Sable stood up impatiently. "Damn!" he said. Alef looked up from her mozart console.

"What's that, Rege?"

"You shouldn't do that so much. You'll lose your mind in there."

"Don't be silly," she said, replacing the probes.

He gestured and the green-crested man and his charts and graphs disappeared. "Damn," he repeated, more softly. Then he established contact with Ras Hajjam.

"Yes, Protector?" Hajjam smiled.

"There are two particle beam generators at Elpie Three."

Hajjam raised an eyebrow. "Yes?"

"We're going to use them. Then we're going to take some social measures. And I want a research team immediately. We'll recreate Peter's research, step by step. Maybe we can still stop him."

Keywords: grew, sable, hajjam, would, wars, mind, man, projection, threat, world, step, research, going, take, measures, short, graph, recent, antarctic, new, green, course, peter, stop, want, regent, protector

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