COMMENTARY 05062106@021348


COMMENTARY 05062106@021348
Homer: SCENE-RS/Ref@5458
Central Processing: REF#13541436
Homer: SCENE-DG/PD/Ref@5459
Homer: COMMENTARY 05062106@022550
Homer: COMMENTARY 05062106@022249
Central Processing: Satlink AEF command Falklands via Geosync relay:
Historical Cultural: CHILDREN'S GAMES

Some of the warrens are as yet unexplored, even by our high-speed probes. Yet it is certain no one remains.

What we find most curious about the place is the absence of mood tailoring and other mental-emotional support organics; even the longevity equipment was removed, apparently after Mentor's death.

The place looks most like an old-fashioned monastery. Small cells containing a narrow, padded bunk, waste facilities, compartments for cold-weather clothing and data capsules line the corridors. Wall hangings were made by hand, from feathers, fur and woven fabrics made from grown materials. Some stone had been worked by hand as well, carved into fantastical shapes - heads with yawning mouths filled with teeth, enormous headdresses made of feathers and horn, beasts and demons out of reports of nightmare.

From this we could deduce that the PSYCHE workers were severely deprived of material facilities, and so crippled mentally and emotionally as well. This might explain why they worked with such apparent fervor on the project, and later why they followed Peter through the Portal.

Everywhere is Peter's shadow, his ghost moving through these halls, these empty and meaningless spaces, stored in Central Processing's archives.

Keywords: made, peter, well, worked, feathers, hand, facilities, place, most, even, some

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