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Introduction: Day 4: June 4, 2106
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Historical Cultural: LIFESTYLES, SIG
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ENC troops dispatched to Springfield Warrens West found their quarry fled. First reports from the field indicated that Peter Devore and his entire entourage had escaped the warren, possibly with Ant help, although this was not confirmed.

It was a dark night; furthermore local nodes were behaving erratically, so tracking was difficult. However, projections from the Chicago Node AI indicated the fugitives may have fled toward the Decatur Node, and the commanding sergeant dispatched a squad to investigate.

A light snow was falling, and the NP transport failed two kilometers from Decatur, so by the time the squad arrived at the housing, there was no one in sight. Examination of the surface outside the housing revealed numerous footprints, but the bloodhound chemosensors could not confirm they belonged to the fugitives. Nonetheless there were indications that someone had by-passed the Decatur Sec/Sys, so the squad entered the Node housing unit.

The troops were carrying standard neurophage weapons set on high power. All were competent men skilled in the use of such equipment. Once inside, Sec/Sys denied anyone had gained access within the past two hundred hours. They carried out a thorough search.

Keywords: housing, squad, decatur, node, sys, sec, fugitives, indicated, fled, dispatched, troops

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