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Underground life imposed certain psychological pressures on the inhabitants, despite the increased health of the ecosphere topside. The Intercorp Council via Central Processing instituted a series of modifications to the social experiment, including the installation of commons for recreation, sports, and universal martial arts training. The commons were large, centrally located chambers providing playing surfaces for a number of games from ancient football and baseball to sphereplay and drogues. Areas were set aside for martial arts, which included hand to hand combat training, neurophage weapon growth and use, t'ai ch'i, aikido, karate, kali, kung fu and various adaptations, blends and developments. Glimpses of Ant martial art techniques surfaced from time to time and were incorporated into the training, some form of which was compulsory for everyone until the age of eighteen. Individual aggression continues to be a problem, but such training, and the introduction of vendetta and duelling with NP weapons provided adequate outlets. See Geography for appropriate schematics.

Keywords: training, martial, time, hand, arts, commons

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