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As a child growing up in a poor family, in a small rural village in West Africa, my parents had no money to buy shoes for me as a little child. I experienced the reality of having to walk outside, going to fetch water from the local community river, going to church and school, which were several miles in distance, on bare foot.

I remember I didn't get my first shoes to wear from my parents until I was eight years old, and they were strictly to be worn for Christmas, holidays and Sundays only. These life experiences was not just in my family, but also other kids from the same village where I grew up in West Africa.

While I was a little boy, I started wondering what it would be like to make shoes, and what it would be like to make sure that I can insure that no kid in this world will endure the same kind of living experiences I went through while trying to grow up.

It was not until I completed elementary school, and about to enroll in high school, that I was finally able to wear shoes full-time. Always retaining the memories of my childhood, I completed high school and came to the United States to attend college. During all these years, I was instructed by my inner vision to create affordable shoes so that every child, whether from rich or poor family, would not have the same painful experiences that I had while trying to grow up as a kid.

And so I have been inspired in my dream to design Judeen Shoes for all kids around the world, especially for school children in general. I want to provide institutions of all levels of learning with my shoes for their students for uniforms and such.

My other goal is to seek shoe retailers for distribution in Austin, in Texas and the United States as well as around the world. Because of the need to serve many people in need of Judeen Shoes, we have done our very best to produce shoes not only a quality brand, but affordable in price to suit all needs. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you,

Justice O'sueke

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